Is Bitwarden the Best Place to Store Passwords?

Bitwarden is one of the best password managers available, offering robust security and a great set of features for a very reasonable price, with impressive free tiers for individuals and even small businesses. It is safe to say that it is clearly one of the best places to store passwords securely. 

Extremely strong and complex passwords are simple to set up and store, allowing easy access to all of your online accounts and services. They will be autofilled whenever you land on a site for which a passwords has been saved in your vault. Managing who can access your passwords and sharing them with authorized team members is also very straightforward. 

Password security comes from 256-bit AES encryption, which are also salted and hashed. In the unlikely event of a hacker gaining access to Bitwarden’s servers, they would not be able to access customers’ passwords. This is also a zero knowledge product so Bitwarden staff and administrators do not even have access to your passwords. Security is also improved as Bitwarden is an open source product – its source code is available to anyone to test, an the company has undergone third-party security audits.

Bitwarden Advantages for Users

  • Improved password hygiene and simpler password management
  • Straightforward configuration of unique, complex passwords for all online platforms
  • Any device access
  • Secure password storage via the Bitwarden vault.
  • Almost universal compatibility with devices, operating systems and browsers
  • Creation of audit trails for tracking user and team access

As Bitwarden is open source, many experts have reviewed the code and have failed to identify flaws. No significant issues have been discovered and there is compliance with Privacy Shield, HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, and SOC2 security standards.

Passwords are secured using 256-bit AES encryption along with a SRP handshake. Some users may feel safer storing their passwords vaults locally, especially if they have high integrity network security, and this is an option with Bitwarden. 

Bitwarden Password Management Features

  • Easy migration from your current password managers
  • Open-source solution has been thoroughly tested
  • Available in cloud or as a self-hosted solution
  • Secure password sharing for teams with auto-delete functionality
  • Security audits by 3rd party cybersecurity specialists.


No matter what you are using it for, Bitwarden makes it simple and straightforward to create and store unique, strong passwords, and to access your password vaults from any device or location. Enterprise users should be content with the high level of security, open source code, ongoing security audits, and end-to-end bank-grade encryption. This is clearly one of the best password manager options that can be purchased at present for corporate or home users, and the solution has arguably the most impressive free tier of any password manager on the market for individual users.



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