Guest article contributions on Defensorum

Defensorum encourages cybersecurity and IT security professionals to submit exclusive articles for publication on its website.

What content can you submit for publication on Defensorum?

All articles submitted for publication must be original and exclusive to Defensorum. We do not publish content that has already been published elsewhere, and prohibit plagiarism.

We are looking for analysis and opinion content on issues related to cybersecurity and IT security. There’s no deadline for processing information, but we obviously prefer topics that are still current.

The topics covered in your article should not be oversimplified, bearing in mind that Defensorum readers are professionals who are aware of the current problems and challenges facing the sector.

We are not interested in sales pitches or content aimed at marketing or promoting a brand or products.

Publication rules

Word limits: We only accept articles between 600 and 1500 words for publication on our site.

You must include a short biography at the end of your article. Our publications must be accompanied by the author’s name, job title, a photo and a short presentation.

Article submission process on Defensorum

Send your article proposal to the Defensorum editorial team (see details below).

Your content proposal will be reviewed by our editorial team within a week, and we’ll let you know if it’s approved.

Your article will then be scheduled for publication by our team. Once online on our site, you’ll receive a link that you can share on social media and with your network.

The editorial team reserves the right to edit all content.

Tips for writing your article

Select a pertinent topic: Opt for a topic that is current and relevant to IT security community. Your opinion piece should add to ongoing discussions or address current issues. Aim for excellence in a specific area rather than mediocrity across a wider range.   

Write a powerful hook: Your first paragraph should grab readers’ attention and clearly present the main point of your article. A convincing hook will encourage readers to read on.

Articulate a clear thesis: Present your primary argument or thesis at the beginning of the article. This clarifies your viewpoint and the perspective you are offering to your readers.   

Support your claims: Strengthen your argument with robust evidence, examples, data, or anecdotes. Be sure to cite your sources and provide references. This adds credibility to your article and aids readers in understanding the basis of your views.

Write concisely and clearly: Given that online readers have limited attention spans, it’s crucial to be succinct and avoid superfluous jargon. Communicate in a straightforward and clear manner to ensure your message is easily comprehensible.

Offer a unique point of view: Opinion pieces stand out when they present new and unique points of view. Avoid repeating common opinions and strive to bring something new to the conversation.

Address counter-arguments: Discuss potential counterarguments to your stance. Showing that you have considered alternative viewpoints enhances the credibility of your argument.

Propose solutions: Offer practical solutions or suggestions related to the issue you’re addressing. This can make your opinion piece more practical and relevant.

Revise and proofread: Carefully review your article to eliminate any grammatical, spelling, or punctuation errors. A well-written and properly revised opinion article is more likely to be taken seriously.

Ready to publish an article on Defensorum?

Ready to submit an article? Here’s how:

Please send a brief synopsis and proposed title for your article to the Defensorum editorial team at

If your publication proposal is accepted, you will be invited to provide the full content of your article via a dedicated platform.

Once edited and published online, you will receive an email notification containing a link to your article.

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