Snapchat Video Post Results Nursing Assistant Sacking

A nursing helper from the Parkside Manor assisted-living service in Kenosha, WI. has been sacked for showing a video of a nearly nude 93-year-old Alzheimer’s patient as well as distributing the file on Snapchat.

In recent months an unpleasant tendency has developed concerning nurses taking pictures as well as videos of old patients and distributing the files on social media nets. The videos and images display patients in performing degrading acts, different positions of undress, or posing in compromising positions.

A study carried out past year by ProPublica disclosed the level to which this is taking place throughout the United States. Journalists found 35 separate cases, even though many others have more than likely happened.

Snapchat was considered to be the most famous site for video and image sharing, even though it’s far from the only social media network utilized for sharing demeaning and degrading videos and images of patients.

The newest incident involved a videotape of an Alzheimer’s patient who was videoed sitting on her bed putting on just a bra. Grace Riedlinger, 21, confessed taking the video with no approval and distributing the file online. She is stated to have informed her boss that the patient was “giving her a tough time securing changed over for bed.”

She told she took the video since the patient “was playing tussle with her and she believed it was comic.” The videotape was uploaded to Snapchat as well as was shared with her buddies for a duration of 24 hours through the “story” segment of the website. One of Riedlinger’s Snapchat buddies reported her to Parkside Manor once seeing the video and an in-house inquiry was started into the case. That case developed in Riedlinger losing her employment.

A criminal objection has now been recorded against Riedlinger in Kenosha County. She has been accused of a crime for taking a naked photo without permission. Riedlinger said Parkside Manor’s executive director that she knows that the action was “very terribly wrong and immoral.”

Kenosha County Adult Protective Services Coordinator, Rebecca Dutter, said, “We are simply shattered over here. It is such a terrible thing for somebody to do.” She pointed out that if anybody finds out any instance of mistreatment they must inform the issue to Kenosha County Adult Protective Services. A complaint may be made namelessly and Adult Protective Services will work on all narratives. She said, “We can never publicize the individual’s name… I wish people to feel able to contact us.”

Jon G. Mason, Court Commissioner said that the happening was “among the most horrible cases I have heard in a long time.”

Riedlinger has been freed on $10,000 surety. She has been banned from communicating the plaintiff, visiting Parkside Manor, as well as from entering any assisted living facility or nursing home. Riedlinger might possibly face up to three and a half years in prison if found guilty.

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