Borgess Rheumatology Notifies 700 Patients of Mailing Mistake

Borgess Rheumatology has notified that 700 of its patients have been affected by a mailing mistake which happened on December 9, 2015. That revealed their PHI.

Although no Social Security numbers or other extremely confidential data have been revealed, concerned patients have had their names as well as the truth that they get medical services at Borgess Rheumatology revealed to another patient. In each one incident, a lone patient will have been made conscious of the name of another patient who gets cure at Borgess Rheumatology and that treatment medicines were used by that person.

No health info or secret data like Social Security numbers or Insurance particulars were described in the letters. Although affected patients have had their secrecy infringed, because of the very limited data that was unintentionally revealed, patients are not likely to face any danger of identity thievery as a consequence of the mailing error.

In a report issued to West Michigan News Channel 3, Borgess Rheumatology stated the mistake happened on December 9, 2015, and that the error was found out the next day. Efforts have been made to get in touch all 700 affected patients and to withdraw the misdirected letters.

Borgess Rheumatology is additionally taking action to make sure that similar happenings don’t take place in the future. As per the media notification released on February 5, the healthcare provider is taking “forceful measures” to avoid future secrecy infringements of this type. Those measures comprise carrying out more staff training to make sure staff members are fully conscious of the safeguards that should be applied in order to avoid HIPAA infringements.

Borgess Rheumatology’s Corporate Responsibility Officer & HIPAA Privacy Officer, Susan McDonald, said training had earlier been provided to all staff members, and she verified that all workers are needed to go through yearly training on HIPAA, patient privacy, and corporate responsibility. The mailing mistake has encouraged Borgess Rheumatology to bring forward training as well as the company will be “re-educating and also training staff on essential safeguards.”

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