21st Century Oncology Informs 2.2M Patients of Hacking Case

At 21st Century Oncology, a hacker accessed a patient database having Social Security numbers and insurance data of patients in October. The case isn’t of the magnitude of the breaks at Primera Blue Cross, Excellus BCBS, or Anthem, however, it does classify as among the biggest healthcare data breaks of 2015. On March 4, 2016, a governmental filing was delivered to the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States showing 2.2 million present as well as former patients were impacted and possibly had their data thieved and copied.

21st Century Oncology, which manages 145 cancer therapy centers in the United States of America, was warned in the hacking case on November 13, 2015, by the FBI. An inner inquiry into the data break was instantly started by 21st Century Oncology; nevertheless, the FBI wished that patient notification letters be postponed so as not to interfere with its inquiry. The inquiry is ongoing, even though the requested time of postponement has now ended. Patients are now being sent notice letters to warn them of the break of their data.

The forensic inquiry disclosed that the attacker might have accessed the patient file, even though the FBI thought that the person in question unlawfully obtained guarded data from a patient file. 21st Century Oncology didn’t find any proof to indicate that data had actually been thieved.

The undermined data contained the names of existing as well as earlier patients, diagnosis as well as healing information, insurance data, Social Security numbers, and also the names of healing doctors.

Now 21st Century Oncology has applied improved safety measures to avoid future incidents from happening. To safeguard patients from loss or harm, all people possibly impacted have been presented one year of credit checking services free of charge. It’s now many months since the incursion happened, so all impacted patients must obtain EOB statements as well as check for any doubtful records dating back to October 2015. Any wrongdoings must be informed to their underwriters.

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