MSP Spam Filtering Services

MSP spam filtering services are in demand. Businesses are struggling to implement effective defenses and are looking to managed service providers to protect their business against increasingly numerous and sophisticated threats. MSPs that can provide spam filtering and other cybersecurity services can gain a major advantage over their competitors and win considerable business.

SMBs are Struggling to Defend Against Email Threats

Ransomware attacks on businesses have reached record levels, phishing attacks have increased in number and sophistication, business email compromise attacks continue to cause devastating losses, and SonicWall reports that for the first time in three years, malware attacks have increased. According to the ransomware remediation firm Coveware, phishing is the most common way that ransomware actors gain initial access to business networks. Phishing attacks on businesses are becoming harder to detect and block, and email is the most common way that malware is installed. 

The problem for many businesses is that the advanced defenses required to block sophisticated threats can be difficult to implement and manage in-house without staff with the right skill sets and recruiting those individuals can be a major challenge. There is currently a global shortage of cybersecurity professionals. According to Cybersecurity Ventures, in 2021 there were 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity positions, which is a 350% rise from 2013, and the shortage of skilled workers in the field is likely to remain for at least the next 5 years. The solution for most businesses is to outsource security functions to MSPs and MSSPs. According to ReportLinker, the market for managed security services was valued at $23.19 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach $56.6 billion by 2027.

Businesses understand that signing up for an MSP spam filtering service is one of the best ways to ensure cyber threats are blocked, and by outsourcing spam filtering and other cybersecurity functions to MSPs they can better protect their business and focus on what they do best.

Benefits of Offering Email Security to Clients

Spam filtering is one of the easiest managed cybersecurity services that MSPs can offer to their clients. The protection provided as standard by email service providers such as Microsoft and Google is effective at blocking spam email and known malware threats, but these solutions lack the capabilities to block more advanced cyberattacks such as phishing, spear phishing, business email compromise, and zero-day malware threats. More advanced email defenses are now required, and these are difficult for SMBs to implement and manage themselves.

By providing an advanced email security service to clients more email threats will be blocked, which means MSPs will not have to commit resources to remediate successful cyberattacks. If an MSP partners with a software-as-a-service provider and uses a 100% cloud-based spam filtering solution, site visits will not be necessary, there will be no complex installations, and remote management is possible. Cybersecurity vendors offer MSP spam filtering solutions that are easy to set up, flexible to meet the needs of all MSP clients, and have a low management overhead, so MSPs do not need to commit extensive resources to providing an advanced email security service. An MSP spam filtering service can easily be offered to clients or incorporated into existing service packages to provide more value. Further, with 99% of MSPs now providing managed security services (Datto) and 82% offering email security, MSPs that fail to provide these services could lose business to their competitors.

What to Look for in an MSP Spam Filtering Solution

It is critical when considering offering an MSP spam filtering service to partner with the right vendor; one that has developed a spam filtering solution to meet the needs of MSPs. A 100% cloud-based software-as-a-service solution is essential, as these solutions are perfectly adapted to the remote delivery and management practices of MSPs. A multi-tenanted solution is required that offers a single pane of glass view to allow the solution to be easily rolled out to new clients and be efficiently managed. The solution will naturally need to be able to protect against the full range of email threats, so the solution should have machine learning capabilities, extensive threat intelligence, excellent protection against malicious hyperlinks, and sandboxing in addition to AV protection to perform behavioral analysis of threats. You should also look for a low-maintenance spam filter that has been developed to make management by MSPs easy, has extensive reporting to demonstrate to clients the value they are getting, and you should choose a SaaS company that forms close, collaborative relationships with their MSP partners and provides the highest level of support, including sales and marketing support to help you sell the service to your clients. 

Many cybersecurity vendors provide MSP-friendly SaaS solutions to MSPs to help them add managed security services to their service stacks, with one of the best all-round vendors we have found being TitanHQ. The company offers MSP spam filtering, web filtering, email archiving, email encryption, and security awareness training solutions that have been developed from the ground up to meet the needs of MSPs and runs an impressive MSP partner program, and provides the support MSPs need when starting out providing managed security to their clients.

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