Medical Colleagues of Texas Hacking Case Affects 68,000 Patients

Medical Colleagues of Texas, a doctors’ alliance in Katy, TX. has found out an illegal person gotten entry to its system having the files of over 68,000 patients.

The precise description of the case hasn’t been revealed and an inquiry into the safety break is continuing. The doctors’ alliance was ignorant how access was gotten to its methods at the time of sending the break notification; nevertheless, the inquiry into the break has concluded that personnel records and patient medical files have possibly been retrieved. Data saved on the compromised system contain patients’ names, Social Security numbers, addresses, and health insurance info.

The invasion was first noticed on March 8, 2016, when a worker noted uncommon action on the computer system of the obstetrics group. The action was decided to be triggered by an illegal person who had gotten distant access to the system.

A computer forensics company was called in to inspect the safety break. A lawyer for the Medical Colleagues of Texas, Lindsay Nickle, released a report stating the system has been secured and cleaned and external access to the system has been obstructed.

The case has been informed to police which is taking part in the inquiry and the break was informed to the Department of Health and Human Services’ OCR on May 11, 2016. The OCR report shows 68,631 patients were affected by the safety break.

All impacted patients have now been alerted by mailing and have been provided free credit checking facilities via Experian.

In reaction to the break, Medical Colleagues of Texas has upgraded its firewall as well as applied two-factor verification controls for distant access to its methods. Modifications have also been completed to the computer system to increase policies, security, and processes have been upgraded, and employees have received extra HIPAA training on data safety.

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