Florida Medical Clinic Informs 1K Patients of Secrecy Breach

Florida Medical Clinic, PA., has informed 1K patients that their outstanding balance reports were revealed online as a consequence of a misconfiguration of its Patient Portal.

Outstanding balance reports of a few patients, between November 18, and January 6, 2016, were seen by industrial account sick persons when they registered onto the Patient Portal. Just a partial amount of patient files was on view so there isn’t thought to be a great danger of harm to patients or suffering losses as a consequence of the break.

Patients’ names, provider names, mailing address, descriptions of procedures, dates of service, as well as payments due could be seen by unauthorized people. At no place were dates of birth, Social Security numbers, financial information, credit card numbers, or other extremely confidential data accessed.

Upon detection of the secrecy break, Florida Medical Clinic started an inquiry which disclosed that the seller of its Patient Gateway – Greenway Health – had accidentally turned on a setting on the Gateway which led to outstanding balance reports getting viewable by other people.

The patients impacted by the break were those who used an underwriter to meet the expense of medicinal facilities got from Florida Medical Clinic. Underwriters include companies that carry out pre-employment checks and provide them to possible workers. Affected people had their reports seen by another member who too was on the victim’s industrial balance.

Upon detection of the misconfiguration, entrance to accounts was closed down to avoid any more secrecy breaks until the issue was settled. Florida Medical Clinic has worked with its vendor too in order to develop fresh procedures to avoid similar breaks from happening in time to come.

Florida Medical Clinic hasn’t gotten any details to imply the secrecy break has led to harm to patients, or that patient files have been used wrongly. Patients worried about the revelation of the above info can get a photocopy of their credit statement from any of the 3 credit reference organizations without a fee.

Florida Medical Clinic has informed patients that as they are eligible to one free of charge report from Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion once every year, they must get the reports one at a time and must stretch them out to obtain the maximum advantage.

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