Existing Risk of Scam from 2012 Philadelphia Ambulance HIPAA Break

This week the Philadelphia Fire Department informed a data break involving 750 people who had utilized the ambulance facility in 2012. Three years before a worker of Intermedix, the company accustomed to managing the Fire Department’s data requirements, had been provided access to files; however, one worker utilized his data access rights to thieve financial files of patients. The files were thieved to file fake tax returns as per an inquiry started soon after the detection of the break.

The worker accountable is currently in jail, and at the time it was thought that the info had not been used inappropriately or sold on. Nevertheless, previously this year, law enforcement officials in Florida unearthed a page of data in the custody of a person which had invoicing records of patients who had utilized the Philadelphia Ambulance Service. On inquiry, it was found that roughly 750 patients had their financial info revealed and possibly sold on. The people affected were those who had utilized the facility on April 1 or April 2, 2012.

The Fire Department released a statement stating that all of the patients impacted by the data break have been informed by mail that their invoicing information might have been compromised. It was verified that the info is limited to invoicing particulars and no healthcare file was compromised in the event.

Although it’s sure that the data break involved the files of ambulance passengers who utilized the facility for 2 days in April, the Fire Department couldn’t dismiss the probability that access was achieved at other times and other files could have been thieved. It has stated that any patient who utilized the ambulance facility between Feb. 1 and Sept. 4, 2012, might also possibly be at risk.

Nevertheless, as per the breach report presented to the OCR, the City of Philadelphia Fire Division Emergency Medical Facilities Unit informed that 81,464 files were undermined. It’s not clear at this point whether this was a single break, or a reevaluation of the number of victims once its inquiry had been finished.

As it is sure that the data has either been passed on or sold, there’s a possibility that the data has already been utilized for illegal purposes, particularly considering the event happened over 3 years ago. It’s therefore vital that credit details are acquired and all people getting a break notice letter must get in touch with the IRS to get info on tax returns that have been submitted and check for any illegal activity.

All receivers of a break notice letter are being provided credit checking services free of cost, in addition to scam resolution facilities if any info has already been utilized by offenders to get advantages, services or products.

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