Data Breach Affects At Least 13 Anesthesia Providers

A big data breach has happened at the management firm of several anesthesia services providers. Based on a media breach notice released by Anesthesia Associates of El Paso, one of the impacted providers, the data breach happened at its unnamed management firm on July 15, 2022.

Unauthorized persons accessed the IT systems employed by the management firm and likely viewed or acquired sensitive patient data, such as patient names, medical insurance policy numbers, Social Security numbers, payment details, addresses, diagnosis, and treatment details.

Information concerning the data breach is not much at this time, thus the specific character of the unauthorized access and security breach is still uncertain. Anesthesia Associates of El Paso stated the management firm has taken action to control the breach and has enforced extra security measures to stop more unauthorized access and to better secure patient data.

At this point, it seems that there were no credit monitoring and identity theft protection services offered to impacted persons. The victims were just instructed to keep track of their financial statements and credit reports and to report instances of suspicious activity. The provider is mailing notifications to individuals affected by the breach.

Presently, it has been confirmed that a minimum of 13 anesthesia services providers were impacted, causing the compromise and likely theft of the protected health information (PHI) of over 380,104 people.

The following entities have been reported to have been affected by the security incident:

  1. Providence WA Anesthesia Services PC – 98,643 individuals were affected
  2. Palm Springs Anesthesia Services PC – 58,513 individuals were affected
  3. Anesthesia Associates of El Paso PA- 43,168 individuals were affected
  4. Anesthesia Services of San Joaquin PC – 44,015 individuals were affected
  5. Resource Anesthesiology Associates PC – 37,697 individuals were affected
  6. Resource Anesthesiology Associates of IL – 18,321 individuals were affected
  7. Bronx Anesthesia Services PC – 17,802 individuals were affected
  8. Resource Anesthesiology Associates of CA – 16,001 individuals were affected
  9. Anesthesia Associates of Maryland LLC – 12,403 individuals were affected
  10. Hazleton Anesthesia Services PC – 13,607 individuals were affected
  11. Upstate Anesthesia Services PC – 9,065 individuals were affected
  12. Fredericksburg Anesthesia Services LLC – 7,069 individuals were affected
  13. Lynbrook Anesthesia Services PC – 3,800 individuals were affected
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