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Stan Deberenx is the Editor-in-Chief of Defensorum. Stan has many years of journalism experience on several publications. He has a reputation for attention to detail and journalist standards. Stan is a literature graduate from Sorbonne University, with a master's degree in management from Audencia/University of Cincinnati.

Kaspersky Introduces Malware Scanner for Linux Systems

Kaspersky has launched Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool (KVRT) for Linux, an essential addition to the cybersecurity landscape aimed at addressing the growing threats targeting Linux-based systems. While Linux has often been perceived as more secure than other operating systems, recent … Read more

BreachForums, Major Personal Data Sales Platform, Seized by the FBI

On May 15, 2024, the FBI, in collaboration with international law enforcement agencies, seized the notorious cybercrime forum BreachForums. This action marks a severe blow to a site that has been a major marketplace for stolen data and hacking tools. … Read more

Rabotnik, a Ukrainian hacker affiliated with REvil Ransomware Group, sentenced to 13 years in prison

On May 1st, a Texas court sentenced Yaroslav Vasinskyi, also known as “Rabotnik,” to over 13 years in prison, marking a significant chapter in the global efforts to dismantle the REvil ransomware group. At just 24 years old, Vasinskyi’s criminal … Read more

LightSpy Malware: An Hidden Threat to iPhone Users

A sophisticated spyware attack has been uncovered, targeting certain iPhones. After Apple issued a warning, cybersecurity experts were able to trace the origins of the LightSpy malware, revealing a highly advanced spyware with potential links to China. Apple’s Warning to … Read more

A Misguided Cyber Operation: The French Mill Incident

A report recently published by Mandiant discloses that the Russian hackers group Sandworm mistakenly targeted a small mill in France, believing it was a hydroelectric dam. This erroneous attack was part of a broader campaign of cyber sabotage. The French … Read more

Ubiquitous Encryption: A New Standard for Data Protection

Ubiquitous encryption is becoming an integral part of securing data in the digital landscape. It extends encryption to all data within a system or transmitted across networks, unlike selective encryption, which only protects certain pieces of data or communication channels. … Read more

Cyberattack Exploiting ConnectWise Vulnerability Impacts Change Healthcare

The cyber attack exploiting a vulnerability in ConnectWise ScreenConnect software has led to significant disruptions at UnitedHealth’s Change Healthcare, impacting services across the United States. This incident has revealed critical vulnerabilities, affecting not just Change Healthcare but also indicating broader … Read more

Anonymous Leak Reveals China’s Cyber Operations

Documents purporting to have been stolen from a subcontractor of China’s Ministry of Public Security have been published on GitHub. These commercial documents (whose authenticity, impossible to confirm completely, is nevertheless highly probable, given their nature and volume) describe a … Read more

A Global Offensive Neutralized The LockBit Ransomware Group

The LockBit ransomware group, identified as one of the most prolific cybercriminal organizations, has been neutralized through a coordinated international law enforcement effort. Emerging in 2020, LockBit quickly ascended to infamy by deploying a ransomware-as-a-service model. This approach enabled affiliates … Read more

U.S. Health Department Expands National Health Data Exchange with New QHINs

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), through its Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), recently announced the expansion of the Trusted Exchange Framework and Common Agreement (TEFCA) with two new entries to its network. … Read more

US Federal Authorities Announced the Takedown of Warzone RAT Malware Service

The US Department of Justice (DoJ) recently announced the takedown of the Warzone RAT malware service as part of a coordinated international response to cybercrime. This malware, known for allowing unauthorized remote access to victims’ computers, has been used in … Read more

Massive Data Breach Hits French Healthcare: Over 33 Million Affected

In what is being described as France’s largest ever cyberattack, the personal information of over 33 million individuals has been compromised. This breach targeted two French service providers, Viamedis and Almerys, responsible for processing healthcare payments on behalf of medical … Read more

FBI Targets Chinese KV Botnet in Cybersecurity Crackdown

FBI says a December 2023 court-authorized operation has successfully dismantled the KV Botnet, a network of infected routers controlled by the Chinese hacker group Volt Typhoon. This botnet was a critical tool for Volt Typhoon, enabling them to conduct covert … Read more

Italian Data Protection Authority Accuses ChatGPT of violating GDPR

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Faces Data Protection Challenges in Italy. In a press release published on Monday January 29, the italian data protection authority, Garante, has taken a firm stance against OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, for potential breaches of the European Union’s … Read more

A Cybersecurity Vulnerability in TeamViewer used for Ransomware Attacks

TeamViewer, the world famous remote access tool, has emerged as a significant vulnerability in the cybersecurity landscape. Recent investigations have highlighted its exploitation in deploying ransomware, particularly the notorious LockBit 3.0. These incidents underscore an ongoing challenge: balancing the convenience … Read more

Chinese Hackers Were Exploiting VMware Vulnerability For Years

For years, a critical vulnerability within VMware was secretly exploited by a Chinese advanced persistent threat (APT) group named UNC3886. The hackers had acquired privileged access to the vCenter system. While the vulnerability itself has been patched by VMware in … Read more

Microsoft targeted by Russian Intelligence Cyberattack

In January 2024, Microsoft disclosed a significant cybersecurity breach in its network, attributed to Nobelium, a group with alleged ties to Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service. This incident highlights the evolving challenges in digital security that even leading technology companies face. … Read more

User authentication in 2024: Multi-Factor Authentication and beyond

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, user authentication has surpassed the traditional confines of simple password protection. In 2024, the growing sophistication of cyber threats necessitates more than ever a robust defense strategy, with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) emerging as a critical … Read more

Incident Response Playbook: our guidelines for 2024

Incident response playbooks establish standardized procedures for dealing with IT security incidents. These procedures detail explicit actions that an organization should undertake in preparation for, response to, and recovery from these specific incident types. In 2024, the realm of IT … Read more

Facing deepfake threats in cybersecurity

The cybersecurity landscape faces a formidable challenge with the advancement of hyper-realistic deepfakes. These sophisticated AI-generated forgeries, capable of imitating voices, appearances, and behavior, present a unique challenge for organizations. Understanding the evolution of deepfakes and adopting proactive, AI-driven strategies … Read more

The Mandiant incident: A wake-up call in cybersecurity

In a recent and significant cybersecurity event, Mandiant, a Google-owned cybersecurity firm, fell victim to a sophisticated cyberattack. This breach, part of a larger cryptocurrency phishing operation, not only exposed security vulnerabilities but also led to considerable financial losses. This … Read more

2024 Cybersecurity threats and trends to watch!

As we step into 2024, the world of cybersecurity is preparing for new challenges and opportunities. Professionals and academics in the field are keeping a vigilant eye on emerging threats that will face the cybersecurity landscape. Let’s draw a quick … Read more

Safeguarding IoT security : Best practices in 2024

As we venture deeper into the Internet of Things (IoT) era, the security of these interconnected systems becomes increasingly vital. In 2024, IoT ecosystems are more complex and widespread, touching virtually every aspect of our lives. From smart homes to … Read more

HIPAA Privacy Rules

The HIPAA Privacy Rule is a set of federal regulations that protect patients’ medical records and other personal health information maintained by covered entities, including health insurers, healthcare providers, and healthcare clearinghouses, requiring these entities to implement safeguards to protect … Read more

HIPAA Training

HIPAA Overview The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 was an important piece of legislation for the healthcare and healthcare insurance industries as it became the foundation for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) creating … Read more


The HIPAA laws – sometimes known as the HIPAA Rules or the HIPAA regulations – are the standards contained within the Administrative Simplification provisions of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act 1996. These standards govern the way in which … Read more