40,000 Podiatry Patients Notified of PHI Revelation

Earlier this year, Stamford Podiatry Group P.C., has found out that an illegal third party accessed to its computer systems for a period of nearly 2 months. The intruder was capable to see company data and possibly accessed the electronic medicinal record (EMR) database also. 40,491 patients have now been informed of the secrecy break and possible theft/accessing of their safeguarded health info.

EMR files potentially copied/accessed contain names, dates of birth, addresses, email addresses, Social Security numbers, telephone numbers, names of treating and referring physicians, health insurance information, and patients’ gender as well as marital status. Details of treatments, Diagnoses, and medical records were also saved in the EMR and might have been retrieved.

An inquiry into the break disclosed that the company’s systems were first accessed on February 22, 2016, and carried on until the data break was exposed on April 14, 2016. While the inquiry established that data access was likely, no proof was disclosed to indicate that data were actually copied or viewed; nevertheless, the probability could not be excluded. So far, Stamford Podiatry Group hasn’t obtained any accounts of the illegal use of patients’ PHI.

Because of the secret nature of the revealed data patients confront a high risk of fraud and identity theft. To decrease the risk of losses or harm being suffered, Stamford Podiatry Group has provided all affected patients free credit checking services as well as identity theft coverage. Patients have been instructed to get and check their Explanation of Benefits declarations and to check their accounts cautiously for any indication of deceitful activity.

External computer forensics specialists were employed to help with the inquiry and have been booked to provide continuous cybersecurity help to the firm. A variety of extra security methods have also been applied to reinforce defenses and avoid future cyberattacks from happening.

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