119 Pediatric Practices Impacted by EHR Vendor Breach

Connexin Software Inc., an electronic medical records and practice management software provider to pediatric doctor practice groups has lately reported that it encountered a cyberattack wherein an unauthorized third party acquired access to its internal computer system.

Although the electronic medical record system wasn’t viewed in the attack, and there was no access to its client databases, systems, or health records, the threat actors were able to access portions of its system that included the protected health information (PHI) of patients of its customers. According to the substitute breach notice, the breach affected 119 pediatric healthcare providers.

Connexin Software’s breach report to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights indicated that 2,216,365 million patients were affected. One client providing healthcare, Forest Hill Pediatrics, has reported a 4,958 records breach. Therefore, the breach total might be greater when other companies have also decided to submit a breach report separately.

Connexin Software stated it discovered a data anomaly inside its system on August 26, 2022, which led to a quick investigation of the dubious activity. A third-party forensics firm assisted with the investigation and established the nature and extent of the breach. Connexin Software found out on September 13, 2022, that an unauthorized third party got access to its system, which involved an offline set of patient information that was created for data conversion and repair. Some information was extracted during the attack, but during the issuance of notifications, there was no data misuse discovered.

Upon discovery of the breach, the company performed a password reset for all client accounts. The offline data that was employed for data conversion and repair was transferred to a more secure section of the network. Security and tracking were similarly updated to avoid the same breaches later on.

Children’s PHI is particularly invaluable to cyber criminals because it can normally be misused for extended periods of time prior to the discovery of the misuse. Affected individuals of this breach were instructed to closely keep track of providers’ credit reports and statements for indications of misuse. When the Social Security number of a child was compromised or stolen, child identity tracking services are provided for one year.

Practices that reported they were impacted by the breach are listed below.

  1. Academy Pediatrics, PA
  2. ABC Pediatrics Practice, PC
  3. Advanced Care Pediatric Centre, PLLC
  4. All Star Pediatrics, LLC
  5. Angel Kids Pediatrics
  6. Arlington Pediatric Partners, PLLC d/b/a Kids Docs PediatricsAngel Kids Pediatrics
  7. Ascension Medical Group f/k/a Pediatric Associates, PA
  8. Alice Tanner, M.D., PC
  9. August Pediatrics, PA
  10. Austex Pediatrics, PA
  11. Bristow Pediatrics, PLLC
  12. Casey Thomas Mulcahy Austin Texas, PA
  13. Carolina Pediatrics and Adolescent Care, PA
  14. Central Coast Pediatrics, Inc
  15. Cecilia A Nwankwo, M.D. FAAP, PC
  16. Children’s Clinic, Ltd.
  17. Children’s Mercy – Shawnee Mission Pediatrics
  18. Children’s Mercy – Pediatric Partners, Inc.
  19. Children’s Health Center of Columbus, Inc.
  20. Children’s Health of Ocala, PA
  21. Children’s Pediatric Center Northside, LLC
  22. Cordova Pediatrics, PLLC Helena Pediatric Clinic, PC
  23. Community Pediatrics, SC Heights Pediatrics, PC
  24. Crockett Kids Pediatrics, PC
  25. Discovery Pediatrics, Inc.
  26. Dr. Michael J Ulich Pediatrics, LLC
  27. Drexel Hill Pediatric Associates, PC
  28. Eastern Carolina Pediatrics, PA
  29. Eastern Shore Children’s Clinic, PC
  30. Ekta Khurana, M.D., PLLC
  31. Emily B. Vigour, M.D., LLC d/b/a Vigour Pediatrics=
  32. Ennis Pediatric and Adolescent Health Care, PA
  33. Forest Hill Pediatrics, LLC MD
  34. Fox Pediatrics, PLLC
  35. Fraser-Branche Medical, PLLC
  36. Gaurang Patel, M.D., LLC
  37. Goldsboro Pediatrics, PA
  38. Gold Pediatrics, PA KION Pediatrics, PLLC
  39. Great Bend Children’s Clinic, PA
  40. Goodlettsville Pediatrics, PC
  41. Graham Pediatrics of Woodstock, LLC
  42. Hatboro Pediatrics, PC
  43. Harbor Pediatrics, PS
  44. Hawthorne Pediatrics, LLC
  45. Hebron Pediatrics, LLC
  46. Holmdel Pediatrics, LLC
  47. Honeygo Pediatrics, LLC
  48. Jackson Pediatric Associates, PA
  49. James A. Weidman, AMC
  50. Jose F. Alvarado & Associates, PA
  51. Jaleh Niazi, M.D., PC d/b/a New Day Pediatrics Pediatric Associates, PSC
  52. Kate Bowers, M.D., PLLC d/b/a Firefly Pediatrics
  53. Kids First Pediatric Care, PA
  54. Kids Kare Pediatrics, PLLC
  55. Kids World Pediatrics, LLC
  56. Kidswood Pediatrics, Inc.
  57. Kidzcare Pediatrics, PC
  58. Kerrville Pediatrics, PLLC Pediatric Health Center of El Paso
  59. Kressly Pediatrics, PC
  60. Lilac City Pediatrics, PA
  61. Madison Pediatric Associates, PC
  62. Maria Luisa Lira, M.D., PA
  63. Maryland Pediatric Care, LLC
  64. Maryvale Pediatric Specialists, LLC
  65. Mayura Madani, M.D., PLLC
  66. Mariano D. Cibran, M.D., Inc. d/b/a St. Petersburg Pediatrics
  67. McComb Children’s Clinic, Ltd.
  68. Northeast Pediatric Night Clinic, Inc.
  69. Orland Children’s Center, Inc.
  70. Oregon City Pediatrics
  71. Passaic Pediatrics II, PA
  72. Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville, LLC
  73. Pediatric Care Center No. 2, Inc.
  74. Pediatric Medicine of Cartersville, PC
  75. Pediatric MultiCare West, LLC
  76. Pediatric Center for Wellness, PC
  77. Pediatrics East, PC
  78. Pediatric Physicians of Reston, PC
  79. Peds First Pediatrics
  80. Pediatric Healthcare Associates of McKinney
  81. Phillips Pediatrics, PC
  82. Premiere Pediatrics, PLLC
  83. Pensacola Pediatrics PA
  84. Petoskey Pediatrics PC
  85. QC Kidz Pediatrics, PLLC
  86. Rachel Z. Chatters, M.D., Inc
  87. Raleigh Group, PC
  88. Rankin Children’s Group, PLLC
  89. Raza Ali, MD, PC
  90. Reading Pediatrics, Inc.
  91. Renaissance Pediatrics, P.C.
  92. Ruth Agwuna, M.D.
  93. Samuel R Williams, M.D., PA
  94. San Marino Pediatric Associates
  95. SchoolCare, Inc. f/k/a CareDox, Inc.
  96. SCS LLC d/b/a Bayshore Pediatrics
  97. Sistema Infantil Teleton USA, Inc. a/k/a CRITS
  98. South River Pediatrics, LLC
  99. Springfield Medical, LLC
  100. Sumter Pediatrics, LLC
  101. Texoma Pediatrics, PLLC
  102. The Pediatric Center of Frederick, LLC
  103. The Pediatric & Adolescent Clinic, Inc.
  104. Thomasville-Archedale Pediatrics, PLLC
  105. Thompson River Pediatrics and Urgent Care, LLC
  106. Valley Children’s Medical Group
  107. Virginia Pediatric Group, Ltd.
  108. Watch Us Grow Pediatrics, PC
  109. We Care Pediatrics, PC
  110. Wee Tots Pediatrics, PA
  111. Westview Pediatric Care, LLC
  112. Winsted Pediatrics
  113. Yazji Pediatrics
  114. Zero Pediatrics, PLLC

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