SpamTitan Email Security Solution Now Features Sandboxing and DMARC Authentication

Protecting against zero-day malware and advanced phishing attacks can be a major challenge for SMBs and managed service providers (MSPs). To better protect against these advanced threats, TitanHQ, the leading provider of email security solutions to the SMB market, has added two new features to its award-winning spam filtering solution: SpamTitan.
These features were introduced to help SMBs and MSPs serving the SMB market improve their defenses against these sophisticated email threats.
New malware variants that have yet to have their signatures added to anti-virus definitions are unlikely to be identified as malicious and can cause considerable damage. To improve protection against these zero-day malware threats, TitanHQ has added a new sandboxing feature to SpamTitan.
SpamTitan already features dual anti-virus engines to block malware threats. Now, any suspicious files that are not detected as malicious by those AV engines will be passed to the sandbox where they can be detonated safely.
The sandbox is a safe environment where nothing can escape. Once in the sandbox, files are executed and their actions are logged and studied. All potentially malicious actions are logged, attempts to avoid detection are recorded, and the files are subjected to aggressive behavior analysis using advanced, purpose-built machine learning algorithms.
The files and their actions are subjected to in-depth analysis and the results are checked against a range of online repositories to determine whether the files pose a threat. If so, they are quarantined and reported to the Bitdefender Global Protective Network. When those files are encountered by other SpamTitan and Bitfedender users, the threats will be automatically blocked and will not need to be analyzed again. The analysis process takes just a few minutes.
The new feature greatly improves detection rates of advanced persistent threats (APTs), zero-day attacks, new exploits, malicious URLs, new ransomware, and custom malware, even those that use advanced obfuscation and evasion techniques.
Another highly prevalent threat is sophisticated phishing attacks that impersonate known contacts and trusted organizations. These email spoofing attacks use forged sender addresses to make the emails appear to have been sent from a legitimate domain. To block these threats, TitanHQ has added DMARC authentication to SpamTitan.
DMARC is used to verify the true origin of an email and determine whether the message has been sent from a legitimate user of the domain or if the message has been spoofed. Messages are checked against DMARC records and if DMARC authentication fails, the message is quarantined. DMARC is the gold standard for message authentication and provides superior protection against email impersonation attacks.
“We have listened to our end users and sandboxing and advanced anti-spoofing capabilities were often requested”, explained TitanHQ CEO Ronan Kavanagh. “I’m delighted to launch both features today and we will continue with our commitment to continually invest in, develop and improve SpamTitan email security.”