HHS Publicizes Release of the Ultimate Data Safety Policy Rules Framework

Sylvia Matthews Burwell, HHS Secretary has publicized the release of the ultimate Data Safety Policy Rules Framework for the Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) which was introduced by President Obama in the early part of 2015. The Security Principles Framework was upgraded to assist healthcare companies that take part in the PMI know the safety measures that should … Read more

2,100 Old-timers Had Their PHI Revealed in April

Every month the Division of Veteran Matters issues a statement to Congress on the info safety cases experienced by Veteran Affairs (VA) services during the month. Protected health information (PHI) disclosures increased substantially in April, with 2,105 old-timers’ PHI being unintentionally exposed or disclosed. In total, 2556 old-timers were affected by information safety cases in … Read more

1,400 Weaknesses Discovered in Admired Drug Cabinet System

As per an advisory released by the Division of Homeland Security, an admired drug cabinet system has been discovered to have more than 1,400 weaknesses, a lot of which might be abused distantly using freely available activities. Additionally, the abuses might be carried out by an aggressor with a miserable degree of talent. The admired drug cabinet … Read more

911 Dispatcher Sacked for Secrecy Breach

The illegal sharing of secret health info on Facebook has led to a 911 dispatcher losing her job, however that might not be the conclusion of it. The patient whose secrecy was breached thinks the loss of service isn’t punishment sufficient for the secrecy privacy breach and desires criminal accusations to be submitted for the secrecy infringement. … Read more

Community Mercy Health Partners Informs Patients of November Data Infringement

During late November, a member of the public found many documents at a recycling center which seemed to have come from hospitals administrated by Community Mercy Health Partners. The documents included complete info concerning patients who had gotten medical services between 2005 and 2013. The info in the documents contained patients’ names, physicians’ names, health … Read more

St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital Informs Data Exposure to 29K Patients

St. Luke’s Cornwall Hospital has released a media declaration providing more information on the 29,156-record data infringement that happened on October 31, 2015. The hospital has clarified that the infringement happened when an unknown person entered a top-secret space of the hospital and thieved a thumb drive having a limited amount of patient data. The device … Read more

Six Lost Hard Drives Informed by Centene: 950,000 Members Affected

Centene Corporation, Wisconsin-based health insurer, has declared the loss of 6 unencrypted computer hard drives having the safeguarded health information of roughly 950,000 of its members. The hard drives were being utilized for a job to make better the health results of plan members. The persons affected by the security infringement had all received laboratory … Read more

New West Health Services Data Breach Affected 25,000 Patients

New West Health Services has begun informing 25,000 patients concerning the loss of a password-protected, unencrypted laptop containing wide-ranging Protected Health Information. Latest West Health Services Data Infringement Affects 25,000 Patients   New West Health Services, a not-for-profit provider of subsidized health policies, including Medicare Supplement and Medicare Advantage plans, has informed the thievery of … Read more

Telephone Phishing Swindle Affects 21K Blue Shield of California Customers

An infringement of PHI caused by a worker of a business partner who fell for a telephone phishing fraud has been informed by Blue Shield of California. Nearly 21,000 people have been influenced by the security infringement. Insurers and healthcare providers must conduct staff training to make sure workers are conscious of the danger of … Read more

IU Health Arnett Security Infringement Affects 29K Patients

Arnett Hospital of Indiana University Health has notified 29,324 patients concerning the possible revelation of their Protected Health Information (PHI) following an unencrypted flash drive vanished from its emergency division. The flash drive was found to be lost on November 20, 2015, and an inspection was instantly started. Work is continuing to try to find … Read more

Cottage Health System Security Inspection Exposes 11K-Record Data Break

On Tuesday Cottage Health System informed its 11,000 sick persons to instruct them that a few of their PHIs were revealed as a consequence of a server occurrence that happened in October 2015. For two weeks, patients had their names and addresses, details of medicinal findings and processes, and their Social Security numbers displayed as … Read more

Connecticut OIG Makes $90K Pact with Hartford Hospital and BA Over 2012 Laptop Theft

Hartford Hospital as well as one of its BAs, EMC Corporation (EMC), have contracted to a settlement with the Connecticut OIG on the 2012 thievery of a laptop having the unencrypted files of 8,883 Connecticut inhabitants. Hartford Hospital and EMC have contracted to a payment of $90,000 to settle the happening. The contract was reached willingly, and … Read more

Car Theft Leads to Revelation of PHI of 2900 People

Insurance Data Services (IDS), a Wyoming-based medicinal invoicing firm, has begun to send break notice letters to patients of Claystone Clinical Associates, one of its HIPAA-covered customers, to notify them of the possible revelation of some of their Protected Health Information (PHI). A West Michigan based Delivery Service had been contracted by IDS to deliver … Read more

Urology Associates Notifies 6500-Record Documents Break

Offsite storing of paper medical files might be convenient if facility room is restricted; but as Kailspell-based healthcare supplier, Urology Associates lately found the decision to store files offsite might prove to be costly. The firm had taken help of a local storing service and rented a unit to stock boxes of old medical files. … Read more

Healthcare Software Security Evaluated by Veracode

The cloud presents healthcare suppliers the chance to simplify the provision and administration of medical facilities. However, healthcare suppliers trying to use the ability of the cloud might possibly be putting Protected Health Information (PHI) at peril. HIPAA needs covered entities to always protect PHI, whether it takes the shape of digital files or physical … Read more

Crown Point Medical Tests Uncovers HIPAA Breach

A former company belonging to Crown Point Medical Tests has breached the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) when it did not securely throw away files having the Protected Health Information (PHI) of more than 166 people. The victims had earlier had medical checks handled via My Fast Lab. Barry Walker of Cedar Lake … Read more

Symantec Study Confirms Data Breaks Rose 23% in 2014

It’s April, which indicates the announcement of the Symantec Yearly Internet Security Statement. Every year the security software business issues a report collected from the files that it accumulated throughout the course of the previous year. The statement – which can be viewed here – is an awareness of the overall condition of cybersecurity. The figures demonstrate … Read more

Anthem Data Break Projected to Cost Over $100 Million

A HIPAA break carries a massive fiscal fine and one the level of which lately impacted Anthem Inc., is thought to cause costs of several tens of millions of dollars. Anthem has an insurance plan from the American International Group to safeguard against cybercrime and data revelations and is protected for damages up to $100 … Read more

Data Secrecy Break to Cost Tenet Healthcare up to $32.5 Million

Tenet Healthcare is among the top suppliers of healthcare in the United States of America with the Texas-based business managing healthcare facilities throughout the country. For the previous 17 years, the business has been involved in a class action litigation stemming from the main security break at one of its psychiatric healthcare facilities. The litigation … Read more

Community Health Center Probed for 130K-Patient HIPAA Violation

A past IT Director of Community Health Center, Connecticut has charged that the healthcare provider did not tackle many security weaknesses and believes his employment was ended as a consequence of highlighting those problems to the higher management. Additionally, when he was sent his own stuff the bundle he received is suspected to have included … Read more

Patents Entitlements to Medical Test Data Upgraded under HIPAA

Access to private healthcare information enables patients to take care of their health and work together with their care providers. Getting access to info has now become easier after the issuing of the final law modifying the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA). The latest change, which was publicized a couple of days ago, … Read more

Huge HIPAA Data Breach Reveals 4M Patient Files

One of the nation’s leading healthcare providers, Advocate Health Care, has declared that it has suffered a main HIPAA security violation after 4 unencrypted laptops were thieved from the Advocate Medical Group administrative buildings in Illinois on July 15. The laptops had the records of more than 4 million people, making this the 2nd biggest … Read more

Sutter Health Charged for 4.24M HIPAA Mega Infringement

Two class action litigations have now been registered versus the Sutter Health hospital system in Northern California following a theft at its administrative workplaces in Sacramento potentially revealed the Safeguarded Health Info of 4.24 million patients. Throughout the weekend of Oct 15-16 burglars got entry to the workplaces by hurling a rock through the window. … Read more